This page shows testimonials from some of our clients who we have been of service to, whether in person or just via ongoing advice or planning. We thank everyone for their kind words. If you have received help from us in any way and would like to voice your thanks, please feel free to use the testimonial form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.


I have been in touch with Eddie and Ahmed mid of this year regarding the ferry of a Lake 250 amphibious Aircraft from the US to Singapore. While in the process of planning and getting permits, it was really good to have help from Eddie and Ahmed for the trip planning, the tips for flying in the Middle East and other such info. In fact, Ahmed's contacts extend way beyond the region and having his instant replies back to questions on the routings and permits was very assuring. G.A.S.E. is a great organization and the only guys that can give comprehensive GA support in the region. I hope to see you guys sometime soon! All the best for the season and for the good work that you do assisting us aviators!

Anup Murthy

Captain at Jeteezy Ltd - Singapore

 "I flew my Mooney Ovaion 2GX around the world in May and June of 2013 to become the youngest person to solo an airplane around the world.  Naturally, I had to make a stop somewhere in the Middle East.  I started to look up general aviation in Egypt and to my benefit I found G.A.S.E.  Eddie and Ahmed took care of me from the second I landed at 6th of October airport to the second I left two days later.  My two days in Cairo proved to be a unforgettable adventure where I got to see the pyramids and take a boat tour on the Nile!  I hope to return to Egypt again soon where I can meet up with my new found friends at G.A.S.E.  Thank you for the wonderful experience!"

Jack Wiegand

"Youngest American to Solo around the world"

Solo Flight 20-13

"Thank you to all at G.A.S.E. for a job well done and a service par excellence."                                                                                                  Hans

"A special thank you from me to you and your team for without your constant assistance and support this trip would not have been possible. The pilot is important, for without him the aircraft would not go anywhere, but ground support is of utmost importance. Thank you for a job well done!!" Sharon

Hans Potgeiter and Sharon Malcolm - Cessna 206 G-SBKS - Ferry UK- South Africa - November 2013

Air Show Mossel Bay

"The  very best, fastest and by far most economic service during our flight through Egypt, October 2013, on the way from Hamburg to Addis Ababa. Even though Ahmed was far away, everything worked smooth. Very nice for this country where GA usually is a nightmare...Thanks"

Enno Remmers                                                                                                           

Cessna 172 - N9526Q

Abyssinian Flight Services

GASE with Ahmed and Eddie are the best support when navigating through the Middle East region, not only do they cover all the ins and outs about different routes and destinations, but they are also very helpful even if there are frequent changes and tricky requirements.

I am very glad to have had their help during my first tour through the region during July 2012 and I hope that I can use them for future trips as well as get a chance to visit Egypt during my next trip so I can also experience the host package.

Daniel Blomberg - N7706X, Cessna 172B - World Tour

*     *    *

"Since the start of G.A.S.E. I have recommended clients and friends to use the services of G.A.S.E. and every user has complimented them on the hospitality and professionalism afforded them. I am proud to be associated to G.A.S.E. from their initial setting up".

Peter J Kelsey


"My experiences of the fascinating world of G.A.S.E. are slightly different to some of the remarks from visiting pilots. I spent time visiting Eddie in Cairo, who allowed me to see the sheer amount of work and effort behind the scenes of the team. I joined Eddie and Ahmed as they planned for the arrival of Ross Edmondson, finding jerrycans for the fuel he would require, locating the fuel itself and arranging transport. I joined them as they welcomed the guests with fuel, refreshments and a helping hand with documentation. The phone calls, emails and communicae were enough to blow me away, making Ross' trip smooth and without incident. I am glad I was part of it."

Daniel Roberts

(Read Dan's full story of his adventures with G.A.S.E. by clicking here)

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"Work took me to Egypt for a few days in September 2011. With half a day free I naturally wanted to fly. Contact with G.A.S.E. had Eddie assuring me GA as I knew it did not exist in Egypt. So I accepted a tour of Cairo instead. However, Eddie and Ahmed are magicians who produced an invite from the gliding club to join them on their monthly gliding day out at October Airfield. Brilliant! G.A.S.E. escorted me out there, sorted out the signing in, provided plenty of cool water and got me back to Cairo Airport in time for my flight home, with a short stop to admire the Pyramids, apparently in the suburban back gardens.

A superb hosting package providing exactly what I wanted from helpful, knowledgeable people."

Jane Giffould

*   *   *  

"My crew and I flew a Maule MXT-7-160 from Rotterdam to Luxor and back in June 2011. We contacted GASE early, and worked with them in the months leading up to the trip to organise handling, fuel, and other requirements. I cannot recommend them highly enough; they are competent, tireless, friendly, and go far above and beyond the level of service that anyone could expect! Their work for us was flawless; far better than we had even in other locations where we were having to pay significant money."

Ross Edmondson

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