Image Gallery: 

Photos from the G.A.S.E. archives of visiting pilots and their time with us.

Norman Surplus


MT-03 Autogyro.


April 2010



Steve Owen 

Microlight Pilot

Hosting Package Only

December 2010



Dave Sykes 


Pegasus Quik

Rufforth UK - Sydney Australia.

May 2011


Ross Edmondson


Maule MXT-7-160

Rotterdam - Luxor and return

June 2011


G.A.S.E. Crew and Egyptian Aviation Enthusiasts visit to AVEX 2010

Sharm El Sheik International Airport

November 2010

Trade Show 



 Jane Giffould


Hosting package

September 9, 2011



CarolAnn Garratt


Mooney M20J

3rd Circumnavigation

November 2011



 Peter Gorman & Essam Bishara


Vans RV6

Ireland - Cape Town and back

Nov/Dec 2011

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