Everyone who knows about G.A.S.E. has heard of Peter Kelsey, ferry pilot and long time friend, supporter and colleague who inspired us to set GASE up way back in 2010. We are therefore happy to announce that he is in good health following his devastating crash in Northern Ireland on the 7th March.
Dramatic footage appeared on Ulster TV of the aftermath of the crash and it shows just how lucky Peter was to get out of the wreckage comparatively unscathed. He has spoken recently of the crash and says that a freak wind turned the aircraft over as he was about to land on the airfield, he then ploughed into the foundations of a new house, writing off the aircraft.
You can watch the TV coverage by clicking the video link below, please note that you will have to watch a 15 second advertisement first.
Our well wishes go to him on a speedy return to the sky and I am sure when he visits us in Cairo we will be happy to celebrate with him his lucky escape.