We have been working with a group of pilots from Europe since early in December last year, organizing their flight with two Mooney M20’s from France to the General Aviation Exhibition at Abu Dhabi. They contacted us following our success with CarolAnn Garratt and we promised to do our best to make their journey as trouble free and affordable as we could.
As is the way with these things, one of the aircraft had to drop out which left just one and we are happy to announce that HB-DIO, Mooney M20R Ovation landed safely at Luxor (HELX) earlier today.

The crew are resting in a hotel arranged by our colleagues and will fly on to Abu Dhabi tomorrow
Our tasks included route-planning from Crete to Abu Dhabi and back, overfly permissions for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar as well as entry permits for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi as well as arranging handling at their stops along this part of their journey. This became a complicated task because of the different ranges of the two aircraft originally taking part, but the two sets of pilots (4 in all) were very complimentary of our efforts so far and we will be looking after them until they leave us when they arrive back to Crete. More news to come of their flight soon.