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Germany to El Gouna - A Flying Adventure

Posted by Eddie Gold on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, In : Upcoming Flights 

G.A.S.E. is happy to be associated with our new friends and clients, Achim and Markus from Germany who will be undertaking a flying adventure to Egypt in their Cessna 182, D-EGDK in 3 days time (weather permitting). Follow their adventure via their onboard tracker and also through their well written and amusing blog. Good luck guys and welcome to Egypt.

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Planning Ahead...well ahead!

Posted by Eddie Gold on Monday, March 26, 2012, In : Upcoming Flights 
We are pleased to announce that we are in conversation with a couple of pilots, Andreas Zmuda and Doreen Kroeber, to assist them in Egypt and elsewhere when they depart on their circumnavigation of the globe in a trike microlight. Why does the title say 'planning ahead'?
Well, although they depart from the USA in July this year they do not intend to reach Egypt until 2014!
Their flight will be a leisurely voyage around 60+ countries with the inetention of meeting as many people as possible as...

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New Client Announced.

Posted by Eddie Gold on Saturday, March 17, 2012, In : Upcoming Flights 
We can finally announce that we have a new client who WILL be coming to October Airport (HEOC). Although we regularly are dealing with aircraft and pilots flying through the region, it is always a special occasion when we get an arrival at HEOC.
The aircraft arriving is a Flight Design CTSW 3 axis Microlight and has a really pretty design. A first for HEOC I imagine.

The pilot, Giacomo Gazotti, from San Marino, expects to arrive during the 2nd week of April and will be staying with us as part...

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G.A.S.E. General Aviation Support Egypt is a group dedicated to the forwardment of General Aviation in Egypt and the region. We also aim to have all kinds of aviation hobbies accepted in Egypt and to foster an interest in aviation as a whole. We also provide a full service to visiting GA pilots from around the world, details on the other pages in this website. Based in Cairo, we use October airport for our own ground handling services and can supply accommodation and hospitality to all visiting pilots.