The 8th of March 2012 saw Eddie, Ahmed and Paul from G.A.S.E. waiting at Terminal 4, Cairo International Airprot, for their first jet arrival. Not only would it be our first handling of a jet aircarft but the first time we have used Terminal 4 and in fact the first time we have had a true arrival at Cairo International.
The aircraft was an Embraer 135 belonging to Australian Executive charter company, JetGo, and was being ferried from the USA to Australia by company owner Jason Ryder.

It was also the first time we had handled an aircraft with proper 'cabin' passengers...6 in all which when added to the 3 crew (Pilot, co-pilot and air stewardess) made it neccessary for us to source a bigger bus!
We had been involved with the flight fort well over a month and working with Jason's Australian handlers were able to plan his journey from Malta via Cairo and on to Dubai.
Most of our work was in the permit and overfly sector as well as arrangng handling and fuel at Cairo, buit we did get to meet the crew and passengers on arrival, and enjoyed their company as we transported them, in our new 'big' bus, to the JW Marriott hotel where they got a good rest overnight before our bus picked them up for the return to Terminal 4 and an on-time departure for Dubai.

It was a shame that we couldn't have shown them more of Cairo but maybe one day, VH-JTG and Jason and his friends will return for another visit.
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