G.A.S.E. New Year's

Honours Awards

Every year, starting on January the first, 2014, G.A.S.E. will be honouring the pilots, crews, volunteers, agents and enthusiasts who have made the biggest impact during the previous G.A.S.E. year. There will be a number of awards which are listed below; some of which will be decided by the G.A.S.E. panel and others by public vote. Each award shortlist will have a form where the public can choose their favourite; the one with the most votes will get the award.

Each winner will receive an official certificate and their names will be posted on the various G.A.S.E. media outlets. Certificates will be sent out during January of each year.

The Awards for 2014 are

Best Pilot or Crew of 2013

Awarded to the pilot or crew who the public thought fulfilled the objectives of airmanship, professionalism, courage and humility. A true ambassador for General Aviation.

The Shortlist

A...Jack Wiegand - 20 year old pilot on a solo flight around the world

B...Andy Hardy & Sam Kidd - The Cherokee Challenge flight, UK-Sydney in a 1966 PA-28

C...Tracey Curtis Taylor - Cape Town to Goodwood flight in a Boeing Stearman

D...Neels Kriek and Hans Potgeiter - UK to South Africa in a Cessna 206

The Most Meritorious Flight of 2013

Awarded to the flight that the public feel was the most meritorious of the year, keeping to the ideal of giving whilst flying as well as promoting GA at the same time.

                                    The Shortlist

 A...Jack Wiegand - Solo circumnavigation raising money for different charities

B...Cherokee Challenge - Uk to Sydney raising money for Oxfam

C...Flight for Every Mother - C172 tour of Africa to promote maternal health

D...Adrian Matheu - C172 Mediterranean tour opening up North Africa to European GA

 G.A.S.E. Volunteer of the Year - Egypt

Awarded to the one who has voluntarily given of their time and energy to support G.A.S.E. in its endeavours.

                                    The Shortlist

A...General Badran - Always willing to help and open up his hangar for our flights

B...Alaa Leder - Tireless in his support for our recent flights and willing to do any job

C...Wafik El Tabiy - Took on a massive role during Jack Wiegand's visit

D...Dr Alaa Ibrahim - Arranged so many activities for Jack Wiegand in Cairo

G.A.S.E. Volunteer of the Year - International

Awarded to the one who has voluntarily given of their time and energy to support G.A.S.E. in its endeavours abroad.

                            The Shortlist

 A...Jaimesh Thapar - Giving warm welcomes and support to our pilots in India

B...Captain Siva - Offers unbridled support in Malaysia with many extras

C...Peter Kelsey - Long time supporter and continuous promoter for G.A.S.E.

D...Daniel Roberts - UK representative, always available to offer support in any way.

Best Aircraft of the Year

Awarded to the actual aircraft that the public thought was the best. It could be a distinctive design, old timer, great paint scheme, beautiful to look at or did an amazing feat of flying against what it was designed for.

The Shortlist


A...N327SC - Pilatus PC-6 - The first G.A.S.E. organised ferry

B...5Y-MJA - Cessna 208 Grand Caravan - The big Cessna comes to HEOC

C...N56200 - Boeing Stearman - Vintage aircraft graces the Saharan skies

D...N432BG - Mooney M20 Ovation - Solo Circumnavigation by a 20 year old pilot

E...G-ATYS - PA-28 Cherokee - 1966 vintage flies from UK to Sydney

F...EC-JQK - Cessna 172 - Circumnavigated the Mediterranean


The following awards will be awarded following the decisions made by a G.A.S.E. panel. Each award will be given on merit for services received and overall attitude towards GA.


Award for Handler of the year

Awarded to the ground handler/airport support agent who has shown the best service to our pilots as well as enhancing a visitors experience above and beyond their job remit.

Award for Airport of the Year

Awarded to the Egyptian airport that has shown a real attempt to foster General Aviation.

Award for the Person or Group who have done the most for GA in Egypt

Awarded to an individual or group who have shown a forward thinking attitude towards improving GA in Egypt. It is not enough to stand still and keep doing the same old things...

The G.A.S.E. Lifetime Achievement Award

An annual award given to someone or group who we think has achieved a special place in General Aviation. This will be the highest award we give as it is a lifetime award and will be given a place of honour in our history.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and whatever the result, everyone who has been included in the shortlists are all worthy of our praise for their efforts and achievements within the General Aviation world. We hope these awards will not only celebrate the people and groups who have made an impact on GA in the G.A.S.E. sphere of influence but may also inspire others to go that extra mile, think to the future and do that job with a smile because of their love of aviation and General Aviation in particular.

Thank you

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