Although G.A.S.E.  has only been active since April 2010 we have managed to add many new services to our portfolio as we have tried new ideas and sorted out what we can do, and how we can improve on the things that we have always done.

Each visiting pilot's requests are different and this has meant a continuos learning period to enable us to offer the services we do today and of course...we are always learning so expect new services to be added regularly.

This then is our list of services available to pilots either coming to Egypt or flying anywhere in the world. The majority of hands-on services by G.A.S.E. are available at October Airport (HEOC) but using our contacts at other airports around the world we can offer the same services with a great reduction in fees and where we have G.AS.S.E. volunteers we can offer many services for free.

*     *     * 

Handling at Airports in Egypt

We can arrange handling by the best and most trusted Handling Agents of all, Egypt Air Ground Services, at all of the major Egyptian airports and will be able to get the best prices following our special agreement with them. Please that HEOC is excluded as we personally do the handling there for free.

Flight Planning

We can file all flight plans into, through and out of Egypt, no matter where you are. At HEOC we can physically sort all paperwork and filing with full translations. We can now arrange flight planning outside of Egypt. All this is of course free of charge.  


We can supply the latest charts to you either via email or physically. These include up to the minute weather charts and NOTAMS. We can also supply all the latest airfield charts for Egypt from Jeppesen or the Egyptian AIP. 


We can arrange permits for Egypt through our trusted agents. Please contact us before your departure. We can also arrange visas at certain airports. 

Route and Visit Planning

Long before your arrival in Egyptian airspace we can be of assistance; liaising with you about your route, availability of Avgas/Mogas, Egyptian flight rules, entry and exit airports and even sight seeing itineraries. That is why it is a good idea to contact us early. We can also liase with you for the rest of journey, no matter how long it is.


At October Airport (HEOC) we can source and supply Mogas (95/91/90) at local prices (10p/20c a litre). We can even supply free of charge, jerry cans, full or empty, for your onward flight. We can guarantee the quality of the fuel as we use only renowned suppliers.

We are trying to arrange the 'bringing on' of Mogas at some other airfields where Avgas isn't available and will update as soon as we have this arranged.

Contact us for a list of Avgas equipped airfields in Egypt. 

Maintenance & Engineering

At HEOC we can arrange for a FAA and Cessna qualified engineer to be on hand for any unforeseen problems or minor repairs.

Hangarage and Parking (New)

 At HEOC we can offer hangarage, depending on space and or secure parking at the AeroClub hangar. We also have a secure room for stowage of items if needed.


At HEOC we can have refreshments brought to you at your aircraft and catering packages supplied for your onward journey. Just let us know beforehand what you would like and we will endeavour to fill your order.

If you are staying at HEOC then we can accompany you to local restaurants or bars in our air conditioned luxury transport! 


We have a full suite of hosting packages if your visit includes a stop in Cairo for any ammount of time. This can be found on our Hosting Package page.


If your flight is a long distance/record/charity flight and you would like local media to know of your venture then please let us know and we can arrange press conferences and photo shoots with local media contacts.

We also keep our own photographic record and can share all our images with you for your own use. Check our images page. 

*     *     *

As previously mentioned, we will be adding new services regularly as and when we add them to our portfolio. Check back regularly for updates which will be in 'orange' text and if you are planning to fly to Egypt make sure you contact us first.

Happy Landings. 



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