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 Egypt: Land of the Pharaoh’s; cradle of civilization; over 5,000 years of history; the mighty Sahara Desert and the dazzling Red Sea. These are just a few of the reasons why this enigmatic land attracts over 10 million tourists a year. Add to this the newer attractions of ‘Shopping Tourism’, ‘Therapeutic Tourism’ and ‘Sports Tourism’ and you may start to wonder why Egypt and especially Cairo seem to be a destination forgotten by the General Aviation pilot.

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 Maybe flying to another continent may be daunting for some flyers. Maybe the lack of knowledge of aviation in Egypt has some bearing on the lack of G A visitors. It could be that in the past some pilots have had a bad and or expensive experience when travelling here. These reasons and more may deter pilots of light aircraft from even considering Egypt as a destination.

But we hope to dispel some of these concerns and foster the idea in pilot’s heads that Egypt can be a destination to add to their list of ‘must go to’ places. After all, Egypt is as close to Southern Europe as France is to Ireland.


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G.A.S.E. is a new concept in Egyptian aviation, it has been created by and is run by enthusiasts, all volunteers, many of whom who are aviation professionals. We are aiming to try and cultivate General Aviation to Egypt by collecting together people of the same mind, with a love of aviation, and offering our shared knowledge and expertise to the visiting pilot in the hope of encouraging more private aviators to come to Egypt.



We realised, back in April 2010; when a group of friends volunteered to be the ground support team for Norman Surplus (who is flying an Autogyro around the World); that something like G.A.S.E. was desperately needed in Egypt. A lack of empathy towards to the GA pilot hampered our efforts at every turn. It was a suggestion from Peter Kelsey from FerryAir that created the seed of an idea that we should create an organisation or society where we could offer assistance to other pilots considering flying to Egypt and following some early trials are now able to offer a comprehensive range of services that would be of help to the GA pilot.

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Since our small beginnings back in 2010, G.A.S.E. has grown exponentially to become one of the worlds most revered Flight Support companies. We now offer a full support service for General Aviation aircraft flying anywhere in the world. We supply and coordinate everything from Permit and overflight clearance approval to handling and fuel arrangements as well as our unique G.A.S.E. hospitality packages, now available in many new places around the world.

Please use the 'contact us' page to request a full run down of what we can do for you and your flight.


By following the links in the menu a clearer idea of what we can offer can be found and please feel free to send your suggestions and queries to us via the contact us’ page.

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Norman Surplus at the Pyramids 

Arriving at Alexandria

Arriving at Alexandria 

Plenty of ramp room in Egypt 

The embryonic G.A.S.E. started by assisiting circumnavigator, Norman Surplus and G-YROX 

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